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Location: Fort Collins, CO
Hours: 8-12, 1-5 (Mountain Time) Monday-Friday
Phone: 800-701-8038 (970-204-4758 locally)
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Privacy Statement

At Kenning FilterSource, we believe that our customers are similar to us in disliking unsolicited phone calls and email. Since we don't like our private information being traded around, we feel it is only fair that we do not do this with your information. The information that you provide here will be held confidential, and not sold, traded, folded, stapled, or mutilated!

Please provide as much information about your application as possible.

  • For replacement filters, a part number, dimensions and a brief description are helpful.
  • For liquid housings/new systems, include flow, pipe size, liquid being filtered, pressure, temperature, viscosity, particle size to be retained, materials of construction, and an application description.
  • For air housings/new systems, include gas being filtered, flow rate, pipe size, efficiency of filtration, temperature, and an application description.

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