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Typical Applications and Customer Profile

Typical Applications

  • Beer and Wine filtration
  • Boiler water
  • Chill water / plant water
  • Clean room filtration
  • Coffee and Beverage water - taste/odor and lime
  • Compressed air - remove particulate and liquids
  • Cooking Oil filtration
  • Coolant filtration
  • Cooling towers
  • Final filtration of products
  • Food / spices
  • Fuels
  • Furnaces / Makeup Air / Coolers
  • Lead dust
  • Liquid fertilizers
  • Lube oil filtration
  • Machinery air intakes - remove dust and particulate
  • Photo processing chemicals
  • Plating fume scrubbing
  • Plating solution filtration
  • Pure water
  • Solvents
  • Wastewater cleanup
  • Well water filtration

Customer Profiles

Customer Liquid Air Hydraulic Specialty
Breweries X X    
Campgrounds X      
Car / Truck washes X      
Cement block mfgr.     X  
Cement Mfgr.   X X  
Coffee Services X      
Dairies X X    
Dental equipment mfgr. X      
EDM operators X      
Food mfgr. X      
Grinders (wet) X     X
Hospitals / clinics X X    
Jewelry mfgr. X      
Machine tooling coolant users X     X
Mechanical contractors X X    
Metalworking X     X
Mining X      
Nurseries X      
Oil refineries X   X X
Paint mfgr. X      
Parts washers X      
PC Card mfgr. X     X
Petrochemical mfgr. X     X
Pharmaceutical mfgr. X X    
Photo developers X      
Photo equipment mfgr. X      
Plastics mfgr.     X  
Plating shops X X    
Plumbing contractors X      
Pump companies X      
Remediation Services X      
Resorts X      
Restaurants X X    
Semiconductor mfgr. X X    
Service stations X      
Sheetmetal shops X   X  
Softdrink bottlers X      
Sugar refining X      
Water bottlers X      
Water treatment dealers X      
Water treatment equipment mfgr. X      
Waterjet cutters X      
Wineries X      
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